None of the big streaming platforms are buying documentaries now because people are so scared in their personal lives

Challenges for the film industry and festivals in the age of the coronavirus


Emerging Czech female documentarians

Is there a new tide of emerging female documentarians in Czech cinema? What’s fascinating about the work of Czech female filmmakers like Johana Ožvold, Greta Stocklassa or Viera Čákany?


Czech docs of the year 2019


On Sounds by Image

The film journalist Antonín Tesař writes about the new film The Sound Is Innocent directed by Johana Ožvold.


Forman vs. Forman & Jiří Suchý: Tackling Life with Ease


Solo: Music as a Lag Between Death and Infinity


Khavn De La Cruz: The reanimation of Mr. Puiu


Karel Vachek: Films Just Have to Make You Laugh!

An interview with one of the most original Czech filmmakers Karel Vachek who made his ninth film novel called Communism and the Net or the End of Representative Democracy.


To Surprise Myself

An interview with Martin Mareček, author of a documentary road movie Over the Hills


Greta Stoklassa: I Read Rather than Preach the Reality

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Talking About Adultery

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Havel Speaking, Can You Hear Me?


How to Teach Documentary Filmmaking

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What is it like to shoot a film in Antarctica? Is it possible to get into the head of artificial intelligence? And what is GAI?

video dok.revue

Masterclass: Sergej Dvorcevoj

23rd Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival