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About dok.revue

Dok.revue is the only Czech magazine dedicated to documentary theory and criticism. It focuses primarily on documentaries in the field of film but also reflects on audio documentaries, literary documentaries, and documentary aspects of VR or computer games. The English version of dok.revue is not comprehensive; it is a selection of texts from the Czech version that might resonate abroad and which provide information about contemporary Czech and, by extension, Central and Eastern European documentary filmmaking.

The authors of dok.revue are aware of the unclear borders of the term documentary and are often interested in work that straddles the line between documentary and other art forms. Dok.revue mainly focuses on Czech and Slovak cinema but also gives space to significant movements in the international scene. It chooses an aesthetic perspective as the starting point for its examination of documentary filmmaking, while also placing the works in a social and historical context.

What you’ll find in dok.revue

Dok.revue is intended for members of the general public who are interested in documentary filmmaking. It offers interviews, debates among experts from various fields on specific documentary works, and also topics related to the conditions of the development of Czech documentary cinema, which are inherently connected with the current social situation. Particularly popular with readers is the New Films section, where filmmakers recount the adventures of the creation of their works. Another integral part of dok.revue consists in poems related in various ways to documentary filmmaking. Dok.revue’s long-term goal is the development of theoretical reflection on documentary filmmaking. A selection of articles from dok.revue is also published twice a year in print form (only in Czech) as a supplement to the weekly Respekt. In autumn 2021 dok.revue launched a new website.

History of the project

The magazine dok.revue was established in 2005 by the Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival, which has long worked systematically to develop thought in the field of documentary cinema. Initially published in 2005–2007 as a printed supplement to the weekly Literární noviny, in 2007 dok.revue became an online portal. The festival also previously published collections of articles on documentary cinema under the title DO (six issues since 2003), selected texts of which can now be found on dok.revue. Dok.revue was also the name of the festival’s printed journal, which reflected on the events of the Ji.hlava IDFF, but since 2013 it has been part of the online portal dok.revue.

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Project dok.revue is supported by The Czech Film Fund and The Ministry of Culture Czech Republic.
Project was supported by EEA and Norway Grants 2014–2021.