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Dok.revue is a non-profit project supported by grants, which has been published by the Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival since 2005. We attempt to map the Czech documentary landscape over the long term, also giving space to movements in the worldwide scene. For us, aesthetic perspective is essential in film, and we primarily deal with auteur documentaries. We strive for debate and critical reflection, and among our long-term goals is the development of documentary film theory. We approach the foremost Czech film critics to write for us, and our scope is constantly expanding to include documentary literature, audio documentaries, and the documentary aspects of VR or video games. We have long-standing editing experience, and we maintain the highest journalistic standards, verifying published information. We closely collaborate with the international documentary film magazine Modern Times Review. We don´t translate everything for our English version, just the most interesting Czech articles, mostly about important Czech or Eastern-European documentary films or topics.

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Our editorial staff is quite small and modest. Nevertheless, we constantly strive to improve and include new sections and authors. We have prepared a redesign of our website for autumn 2021, which will allow us to reflect on current topics and films more flexibly than before.

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