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The reanimation of Mr. Puiu


The reanimation of Mr. Puiu

17. 12. 2019 / AUTHOR: Khavn De La Cruz

The camera is a machine gun.
The filmmaker is a witness.
Questioning my films is my national sport.
All of my films are my last film.

Propaganda is betrayal of the self.
I’m an expert in my kitchen.
Your belly button is not the alpha-omega.
We’re all trapped in the mechanism of the scapegoat.

Don’t believe the math.
Don’t play political pingpong.
It’s better to lose as yourself.
Same shit, different music.

Khavn de la Cruz is a Filipino poet, singer, songwriter, pianist, and filmmaker. He is the founder and festival director of .MOV International Film, Music, and Literature Festival. He is considered the father of Philippine digital filmmaking. He wrote this poem during the 24th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival, influenced by another festival guest, famous Romanian director Cristi Puiu, who is considered to be a pioneer of the "Romanian New Wave" movement using documentary style in his feature films.