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Jonas Mekas – Excerpts from the 6th letter (Filmed correspondence)


Jonas Mekas – Excerpts from the 6th letter (Filmed correspondence)

13. 10. 2014 / AUTHOR: Jonas Mekas
Jonas Mekas and José Luis Guerín started exchanging filmed letters with one another in 2009. Their correspondence is a part of the program at the 18th Jihlava IDFF.

Another day, another late night
In thought what I’m doing is I’m just filming,
I’m taping, videotaping moments of life around me
Friends, my own life, details

What I do and what you see
Is moment, fragment, detail recorded with my videocamera
While the life continues

Why I tape those 15 sec or one, two minutes, and not the rest of the day?
That’s the beauty of life
That we keep going
And no explanation here is really needed
Explanation is only part of the game


Jonas Mekas (1922)

Jonas Mekas (1922) is a distinguished video experimenter, avant-garde filmmaker, poet and essayist of Lithuanian origin. He founded the magazine Film Culture. He is mainly known for his unique videos shot with a hand-held camera. The filmed letters exchanged between him and the Spanish director, Jose Luis Guerín, will be presented at this year‘s Jihlava IDFF.

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