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Masterclass: Albert Serra

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Masterclass: Albert Serra

29. 6. 2015
Albert Serra talks about possibilities of filming without a script and improvisation in front of a camera

Spanish solitaire and a juror of the Between the Seas section, Albert Serra, winning the Golden Leopard Award at last year’s Locarno Film Festival, gained renown for his triptych of unprecedented adaptations – Honor de cavalleria, Birdsong and The Story of My Death, in which classical literary figures Don Quixote, Casanova or Dracula act as abstract, but all the more fascinating principles. Serra’s innovative methodologies and an unorthodox approach to cinematography earned him the nickname “radical classic”. This eccentric artist hardly follows any scripts, his films are based on improvisation and are free of narrative conventions. Aside from his film work, he also produces video-art.