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Festival minute

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Festival minute

28. 10. 2016
fourth day, Game Zone

Learning becomes cool. Game Zone in the square is full all the time. According to our observations during different times of day and night, the visitors are between 7 and 50 years old. They are most interested in educational games, which either teach particular facts from modern history, like Czechoslovakia 38-89: Assassination for instance, or train way of thinking important for certain disciplines, like the legendary arcade The Radix Endeavour, which develops knowledge in algebra, mathematical probability and statistics, but also for example in anatomy, genetics and evolutionary biology.

One of the visitors (aged 36) went to Game Zone for an hour before the next screening and started to play simulation of the war situation This War of Mine, where he becomes a common city inhabitant who struggles not only for peace but mainly for his and his dearests´ survival. “I have to go back to the game and go on playing. I am completely indrawn,” said the visitor and noted that the well-developed characters and deep moral dilemmas force players to think constantly about very authentic questions and make decisions with complex consequences, when all is taking place in environment where facts and situations are not really unrealistic.